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“Repetir is a fun, up-tempo track that comes with a lot of energy, which is something I’m known for. The song is about repeating a dope moment in your life, so you can live it up all over again. I mean—don’t you wish you could do that? Pick your favorite day ever, and do it again?" 


This is also my first release since I transitioned into Latin music. Some people ask me, “‘wasn’t it difficult to completely recreate who you are as an artist?” I tell them, 'No. I’m just coming back to my roots; to who I’ve always been. For the first time, I’m releasing music that is me.”

- Nohemy



 Nohemy is no stranger to putting in "Overtime" to see her dreams through.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, yet now residing in Central Florida, Nohemy’s multicultural perspective dares to elevate the early Latin Neo Hip-Hop, Pop-Urban movement. She is reemerging with a new sound, where now transitioning to the Latin Market, she carries a confident demeanor; liberated by her humble approach to twist your mind's eye and draw curious listeners in.

Nohemy Musik is the type of artist that competitive markets need to gain trendsetter’s attention. Her unique sound, energetic stage presence and mysteriously de-feminized fashion makes Nohemy all the more intriguing. Her provocative and uninhibited lyrics reveal private truths that resonates into anthems for many of her unsuspecting audience of fans.




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